TMJ/Bite Therapy

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joints. These small joints hold the jaw to the skull and allow the mouth to open and close. When TMJs become misaligned, which can happen for a number of reasons, patients can suffer from pain or inflammation in the jaw muscles, regular headaches or neck aches, and the tendency to grind their teeth.

Bioesthetics is an integrative approach to dentistry. The philosophy is that your teeth are one component in a system that includes your jaw, head, and neck. It is a base model of health, and it integrates natural beauty with optimal function. This results in a beautiful, natural looking smile that is comfortable, long lasting, and functional. Patients also achieve stable, comfortable TMJ joints and associated muscles.

By addressing TMJ disorder with bioesthetics, Drs. Urick and Azarinfar may reduce or eliminate head, jaw, and facial pain. 

As a TMJ dentists, Drs. Urick and Azarinfar understand the systemic nature of TMJ and bioesthetic issues, and they have. seen patients enjoy greatly improved quality of life after TMJ therapy.

Treatment may involve an oral appliance that repositions the jaw and holds it in optimal position. This relieves stress on associated nerves and muscles, as well as the joints themselves.

Alternate therapy includes stress relief exercises, building up back teeth to restore proper occlusion (how upper and lower teeth fit together), or eliminating habits (such as gum chewing) that irritate the jaw joints.

Drs. Urick and Azarinfar are uniquely trained to accurately diagnose problems with the chewing system and provide the most conservative dental therapies necessary to correct the underlying causes of tooth wear, not just the symptoms. They can help you preserve the function and provide lasting natural beauty of your teeth and smile for a life time. If you have any of the following common concerns:

  • Unattractive smile

  • Worn, chipped, cracked or broken teeth and dental work

  • Headaches or migraines

  • Painful facial or neck muscles/

  • Upper back or shoulder pain

  • Jaw joint soreness or pain

  • Difficulty or pain with chewing

  • Jaw popping or clicking or grating noises

  • Loose teeth or receding gums and bone

  • Shifting bite

  • Ear pain, congestion or ringing in the ears

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